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Corporate Training for Entrepreneurship and Growth Hacking 


Did you know? Of the 9,500+ participants trained across leadership management, digital marketing, entrepreneurship and growth hacking & across various modules, 52% of our participants are C-Suite Executives and Sr.Management Professionals.


We conduct hands-on case study focused training on “Entrepreneurship and Growth Hacking training”. Case studies across 23+ industriesacross 7 countries (India, USA, UK, UAE, Austria, Australia, Spain) 


9+ modules spanning a total of 54+ hours of content learning is available with us for training


These are some of the most popular modules in Entrepreneurship and Growth Hacking that we have trained corporate professionals and students across some of the top corporate, Fortune 500 companies and elite academic institutes:


MODULES: Entrepreneurship and Growth Hacking Modules:


a) WHY are you here?

b) Decision making

c) Profitability and investment – Factoring disruptions

d) Skills: Your core skills – SWOT and DISC

e) Market estimation

f) Pricing strategy

g) Management: Managing yourself and others

h) Recommended reading: POCD framework – developed by William Sahlman and Howard Stevenson at Harvard Business School

i) Developing new skill sets

j) Investment – VC or in-house or trading on equity or other sources

k) Proposal planning

L) evaluation of products and services constantly and keeping track of success, society and consumers profitability

m) empowering through digital branding and building a sustainable low cost model to the extent possible

n) Testing: Sales and Return – Hypothetical case scenario (generally presented over a panel discussion by participants)


(Please note: The same can be custom designed based on your total hours of training requirement and as per your industry needs)

Training methodology:

  • Onsite – Face to face
  • Online

Training duration:

For Sr.Management and C-Suite Executives, we can conduct 1 day training program onwards to extensive complete advanced programs as per your requirements. Same for employees across various levels within your organization: Senior Level: Middle Management: Entry Level & Freshers.

Training Modules:

Some of the most popular training modules under leadership management training have been shared above from our end.

The same can be further custom designed based on your requirements too.



About Ananth V:

  • 17+ years of rich and diverse professional experience with some top corporate brands across the globe
  • Media coverage spanning across his varied work and awards
  • 4 time Global award Winner
  • Founder & CEO of one of India’s most sought after digital marketing agency, Techdivine Creative Services
  • Author of 3 books, one of which was covered by the Times of India team in Mumbai and another one was among the top popular books in its genre
  • Global Peter Drucker Challenge Winner in the Entrepreneurs category across 40 countries
  • 3 time CMO ASIA and World Marketing Congress Winner
  • Internationally renowned speaker, panellist, blog author for some of the top corporate brands across the globe
  • Corporate trainer, brand influencer for Fortune 500 & organizations across industries
  • Renowned digital strategist and acclaimed marketing management professional.

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