Digital Marketing Social Media Training

We conduct hands-on case study focused training on “Digital Marketing and Social Media ROI”

72+ modules spanning a total of 500+ hours of content learning is available with us for training.


For employees as part of their employee development programs and learning and development programs at your corporate offices: With respect to “Digital Marketing Social Media ROI” here are few of the 72+ modules that we cover as training.

(Please note: The same can be custom designed based on your total hours of training requirement and as per your industry needs)


MODULES: COURSE: Digital Marketing Strategy and Social Media ROI:


a) Introduction:

Introduction to Digital marketing and social media marketing

Difference between digital marketing and social media marketing

Case study across countries to showcase ROI using digital marketing

b) Website / Blog building:
Building a website / blog on WordPress, hosting and making it live with content

c) SEO: Search Engine Optimization with Case studies

d) Content marketing, content strategy and social media calendar with Case studies

e) Social media optimization and promotions across platforms with Case studies

f) Gamification strategies – Planning and execution with case studies

g) Social media contests – Planning and execution  with Case studies

h) Influencer marketing – Planning and execution in real-time with tracking metrics online with Case studies

i) PPC: Pay Per Click: Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Native advertising, Programmatic advertising with Case studies

j) Analytics: Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Instagram Insights, Youtube analytics with Case studies

k) Mobile marketing: Introduction and what it takes to create content and ads focused on mobile

l) Retail in digital: Luxury and Lifestyle management  – Branding in Ecommerce world and content creation for e-retail focused on ROI

m) Introduction with brief highlights into “how can integration of AR, VR, IoT, BigData” into digital marketing empower or boost brand success – With case study

n) Buyer Persona: Customer journey mapping, digital touch-points, creating buyer persona and profiles, understanding customer journey focused on customer experience

o) Importance of branding, marketing, visual and corporate communication in the field of digital marketing and strategy implementation

p) Social media listening, online reputation management and social media dashboards

q) Etiquettes and social media backup policy, guidelines and plan: Safety and focus on legal aspects wrt branding – Brief highlights with case study on Trends and social media backfire, social media management for brand reputation online

r) Email marketing

s) Designing, planning, implementing and monitoring  social media strategy focused on ROI with Case studies


Training methodology:

  • Onsite – Face to face
  • Online

Training duration:

We can conduct 1 day programs to extensive complete advanced programs as per your requirements


3 time CMO ASIA and World Marketing Congress Winner, Global Peter Drucker Challenge Winner: Ananth V



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